We are the exclusive distributors of the luxury Swiss Watch Brands TAG Heuer, Zenith and Graham for the Indian subcontinent. We also manage India's only Hublot boutique located in luxurious Palladium Mall, Mumbai. Additionally, we are also entrusted with managing the 'After Sales Services' for Hublot, Zenith, Graham, Dior, TAG Heuer, and Favre-Leuba watches.

It is our strong belief that quality after-sales must be a completely transparent service so that our patrons never lose faith in their prized possessions. That's precisely why we use latest technology, world class equipment and tools, and advanced training of our watch makers so as to offer world class after sales services as per the respective brand guidelines.


From replacing a worn-out strap to repairing a watch that is not performing to its potential, our team of talented in-house watchmakers ensure best quality services. Which is why, watch buyers have always placed their trust on us before placing their watch on their wrists.



Mechanical watches are made up of several tiny parts, all working like a concert in constant motion. This may lead to wear and tear, but with regular care, your luxury Swiss timepiece will keep ticking for years. Depending upon the age and usage of a watch, we recommend several steps to ensure its health and hygiene.

We recommend servicing a watch every year, just like it's a health check-up. This is because lubricants that prevent friction and possible damage to fragile inner components break down over time and need replacement. There are a very few repairs our specialist watchmakers cannot undertake. Some repairs are time-consuming and expensive; hence we always seek your approval of the estimate before proceeding with the service.

As guided by various brands, our watchmakers always check and perform the below actions:

  1. Check the case and the bracelet or strap.
  2. Detach the bracelet, open the case and remove the stem, crown, seals and movement.
  3. Reset the stem and crown and check the winding mechanism.
  4. Examine the working of the hands, calendar functions and rotor (if fitted).
  5. Inspect and adjust the escapement.
  6. Fully disassemble the watch case and inspect the movement and component parts.
  7. Replace any worn or damaged parts.
  8. Clean all parts in specialized chemical baths using automated cleaning machines.
  9. Re-assemble the movement, checking and making fine adjustments in line with brand specifications.
  10. Lubricate the movement using 4/5 fine oils and greases, and double check the escapement.
  11. De-magnetize, regulate and check the timing of the movement to the brand standards using specialist Swiss timing equipment.
  12. Refit the dial and hands, and clean the case and bracelet using ultrasound technology.
  13. Replace case seals where necessary and restore the movement to the case.
  14. Double check timekeeping and adjust where required using timing equipment.

Once done with these steps, we test the watch on a wrist simulator for between three and four-and-a-half hours to make sure the automatic winding system is running smoothly. The watch's power reserve is then tested statically for 24 hours, dial down, and the rate checked, until the power has run down in the dial up position.

This final inspection before we return your watch is critical - it's then guaranteed for another 12 months, depending on the brand.


Quartz watches don't have as many moving parts as mechanicals, but they still require routine maintenance. Our expert watchmakers perform the following checks:

  1. Check the case and bracelet or strap.
  2. Open the case, remove the stem and crown, and check the setting mechanism.
  3. Inspect the working of the hands and calendar functions as appropriate.
  4. Disassemble the movement and check the mechanical components and electronic module.
  5. Replace any worn out or malfunctioning mechanical or electronic parts.
  6. Carefully clean all the mechanical parts in special chemical baths, using automated cleaning machines.
  7. Reassemble the movement, checking it and making fine adjustments in line with brand specifications.
  8. Lubricate the setting and calendar mechanisms, using fine oils and greases.
  9. Make sure the timing of the movement is in working order, using specialist Swiss electronic testing equipments.
  10. Refit the dial and hands, and clean the case and bracelet using ultrasound technology.
  11. Renew the case seals where necessary and restore the movement to the case.
  12. Check the watch's water-resistance according to brand specification.
  13. And finally, check the correct functioning of the hands and calendar mechanism if fitted. To ensure the watch is functioning accurately, we then test it statically for two days.

This final inspection before we return your watch is critical - it's then guaranteed for another 12 months, depending on the brand.


Over 3 decades of experience including 20 years in Swiss Watches Marketing and Distribution. Being the director of the company, he is responsible for professional management and conduct.

Service Specialist and Quality Control Manager having 40 years experience managing 14 Service Centres in India and Subcontinent – Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Maldives.

Senior watchmaker with over 26 years' experience in watch servicing, trained in LVMH brands

Senior watchmaker with over 15 years' experience in watch repairing and servicing for Swatch group, LVMH group brands and Graham

A Customer Relationship Manager experienced in LVMH brands and processes

They repair and service the watches that are entrusted to them with the utmost care. Like watch aficionados and manufacturers, our team is fascinated by the intricacies, complications and characteristics of each individual timepiece.


The certified watchmakers in our service centers receive regular training and work with state-of-the-art, technically superior equipment. They are fully trained on almost all the movements and watch references available in our brand directory. They also attend various training meets organized by our partner brands at least once a year. Moreover, we organize training meets for our authorized service centers as well to keep the entire team up-to date with the latest developments.


Our India Service center is based out of Delhi; however our associated and authorized service centers are located all over India and Sri Lanka. With the convenience of logistics and technology, one can drop off the watch at any of our authorized retail point of sales or service centers and all the service needs of the watch can be catered to, with the customer having real-time information on which stage of repair their watch is in.

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